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Joe Caveno's Glimpses on now at Robinson Studio Gallery

Fri, 2012-10-26

From October 18th-31st Robinson Studio Gallery is hosting Glimpses,  a retrospective of the work of Joe Caveno: long-time friend, Sculptor Emeritus, and Éminence Grise at Robinson Studios.
Spanning many years' work and exploring themes from the mythic to the mathematical and the personal to the political, this long-overdue exhibit will introduces visitors to the drawings, paintings, and sculptures of an artist distinguished by his skill and respected and beloved by his peers.

Bridge opens at Lookout Gallery

Thu, 2012-03-15

From March 28 – April 27th (now extended to 30th) the Lookout Gallery at Regent College is exhibiting a selection of works by David Robinson.

Bridge is a retrospective of sorts, looking back to David’s first solo exhibition which took place at the Lookout Gallery in 1991.  A veteran of the gallery, Equestrian (1991) appears both in its original form and as the imposing Equestrian Monument (2009).  Gyre (2011) (pictured below) represents recent works, and a special glimpse into the Artist’s process is revealed by a work-in-progress – a dynamic piece exploring the unresolved relationship between horse and rider.

Bridge also offers a preview of two proposals underway: a maquette for the Lintong China monument is on display, as are two renderings of possible works for the Regent College courtyard development.

A visit to China and a proposal

Tue, 2012-01-31

David has just returned from a 10 day visit to China, during which he and his hosts laid the groundwork for an exciting new project.  David has been invited to propose a monumental work for the Lintong district in Xi’an, near the site of the famed Terracotta Warriors.  The proposed work features eight larger-than-life bronze horses atop a landscaped water feature, and presents a narrative that ties past to future.

The installation, which is expected to exceed 100 meters in length, would be the centrepiece of a proposed sculpture park.

Proposal underway for Regent College courtyard

Mon, 2011-12-12

Regent College at UBC is currently in the planning stages of developing a mixed-use building on the southern half of its grounds.  The plan includes a courtyard space that will serve as a meeting space and focal point for the academic, residential and commercial spaces that make up the complex.

David has been asked to propose a large-scale installation to be the centrepiece for the courtyard.

New show opens at the Winsor Gallery

Tue, 2011-03-01

"Robinson's work plays with dichotomies such as gravity and flight; religion and secularism; individuality and mass culture; yet through his artistry he is able to bridge these massive discordances into single poetic gestures."

On from March 10th to April 2, 2011 at the Winsor Gallery, 3025 Granville Street Vancouver BC

David Robinson's Equestrian Monument unveiled in Yaletown

Thu, 2010-10-21

Made possible by the support of investors, and the generous cooperation of InTransit BC, and the City of Vancouver, David Robinson's Equestrian Monument has taken up a six month residence in the heart of Yaletown, a prime location that will showcase this fine bronze work to Vancouverites as well as many thousands of international Olympic visitors.

Location: Canada-Line Yaletown Station plaza, 1180 Mainland, Vancouver, BC

Fluevog Shoes to host David Robinson’s Equestrian Monument

Sun, 2010-02-21

Equestrian is the seminal work in what has become a recurring theme in Robinson’s oeuvre; its inconclusive narrative moment binding motifs both mythical and historical.   The gaze of the rider is set upon some unseen horizon, as the burdened beast labours, very much in the here-and-now.  Together they negotiate a terrain away from the past, away from the binding paradigms of fate, but still toward an uncertain future.

Equestrian Monument

Thu, 2009-10-01

The equestrian monument prevails in endless variety across the history of art. 
In a time before I had learned of their often violent and imperial past, with the eyes of a child I saw these archaic bronzes in their simplest and most mythic form: full of narrative, free of history.
This first impression has stayed with me as I find myself returning time and again to the unraveling and reprising of the equestrian theme in my own artwork. Now thoroughly out-moded, and thus freed of its political harness, I periodically inquire after this troubled partnership of man and beast as they wander the imagination - a vivid motif in search of a better story.

David Robinson, October 2009

Events 2009

Mon, 2009-06-15

Dear Friends,

I consider it a great privilege to have been asked to participate in this event for the benefit of the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.  Not only for  the worthiness of the cause in general , but for the particular gratitude that my family owes them for  their sustained support and care for my nephew Sam Treschow and his family over the last fourteen years.  

I hope you will join us in this event celebrating and supporting the work of Canuck Place.

Events 2009

Sat, 2008-11-15

East Vancouver Culture Crawl

November 21 - 23 2008 @ the Robinson Studio as part of the East Van Culture Crawl

East Vancouver Culture Crawl Preview

November 20, 6pm @ the Robinson Studio Gallery

Hooks-Epstein Gallery Group Show

October 25 - November 29 2008 @ the Hooks-Epstein Gallery, Houston TX