My work uses spatial and material arrangements of the formal and the figurative as catalyst and crux to moments of aesthetic poise, tension, and reflection. Representational only by idiom and conceptual by persuasion, this work seeks to partake of the abiding and powerful human weakness for discerning transcendent pattern in the cosmos.

The figure at the nucleus of all of my sculptural works sparks a connection between the viewer and our human propensity for narrative as personal and communal catharsis. The sculptural figure broadcasts its visual aesthetic at a broadly accessible bandwidth; it speaks across boundaries of age and culture; it withstands the shifting moment, while marking the path in a flow of continuous change.

But these things are what fuel both the ability and the need to continue: That the physical work and discipline of the studio is an incarnation; the mind in collaboration with matter. That the constraints of necessity are both a binding and an emancipation of the artist’s hand. That patron and artist, public and individual, are each informed by the other.
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